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  • Goliath.AVI Goliath roller coaster at Fiesta Texas in San Antonio. Back Seat.
  • Glen Curtiss Readying for Take-Off A short video clip of Glen Curtiss readying his biplane for take-off. The clip is from the 1910 Air Meet held in Dominguez Fields in Southern California.
  • Love is the air of Montreal I was in the park one morning talking to a couple of friends, when suddenly, we saw oddly shaped air plain traces in the sky. My first thought was that the plain was going to crash, but then we were happily surprised with heart shapes and the #25. This happened 4 times...In the east, the west, the south and the north side of the city of Montreal. We romantic! Some eccentric millionaire is celebrating his 25th wedding anniversary with his beloved wife. Come to find out, it was a publicity stunt done by the owner of that very same air plain messaging company. He wanted to thank all of his loyal employees and celebrate the company's 25th anniversary by doing this wonderful stunt that put a smile on all of those that were lucky enough to have spotted this event. Song: ''Placebo - Running Up That Hill'' I do not own the rights to this song, but please go check out Placebo's Websites. :)
  • Star Pizza 09' Star Pizza 09 ' Houston,TX
  • Isis and Aereogramme LoW TidE From In The Fishtank, Low Tide ...
  • Dog in a cone. My dog Daxter (not from Star Trex, never watched it) in a Elizabethan collar.
  • Hurricane at Pilgrim Hill: Clem Bevans, Cecil Kellaway, Virginia Grey (1950 Movie) DVD: Hurricane at Pilgrim Hill is a 1950 American film directed by Richard L. Bare. Cast Clem Bevans as Sam "Bigmouth" Smedley Cecil Kellaway as Jonathan Huntoon Smith David Bruce as Tom Adams, Smith's Attorney Virginia Grey as Janet Smedley Adams Robert Board as Steve Terhune Leslie Banning as Debbie Smith, Jonathan's Daughter Syd Saylor as Sheriff Luke Arundle Frank Lack*** as Broken Head (Running Deer in Credits) Oliver Blake as Running Deer (Broken Head in Credits) Billy Gray as Johnny, Bigmouth's Grandson Ann Doran as Katie, his mother Harry Hayden as Man on Train Clem Bevans (October 16, 1879 -- August 11, 1963) was a character actor best remembered for playing eccentric, grumpy old men. Bevans had a very long career, starting in vaudeville in 1900 in an act with Grace Emmett. He progressed to burlesque, Broadway, and even light opera, before making his film debut at the age of 55 in Way Down East (1935). His portrayal was so good, he became stereotyped and played mostly likable old codgers for the rest of his life. However, he did occasionally play against type, for example as a *** spy in Alfred Hitch***'s Saboteur (1942). He also made some television appearances, including The Twilight Zone episode "Hocus-Pocus and Frisby" (1962). His role in Disney's TV miniseries Davy Crockett was Captain Cobb. He is buried in Valhalla Memorial Park Cemetery. Cecil Lauriston Kellaway (22 August 1890 -- 28 February 1973) was a South African ...
  • Aerogram, The Animation Teaser Aerogram, the Top 3 Winner of MSC Malaysia IPCC 2008 (Animation category), is an action-adventure-mystery with great characters caught up in a plot that covered the subjects of war and peace. There will be a moderate amount of aerial combats to keep the balance between action and drama. This project is currently looking for funding or co-production. Interested party could reach the creator via email: [email protected]
  • Sebastian Roadrunner Express.AVI Sebastian on Roadrunner Express in Fiesta Texas San Antonio.