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  • New Project 431 Can you handle the adorner crackles and not become severely addicted to the sounds and cannot get enough this strange phenomenon.
  • YOLIEBEAN DEMONSTRATES A PAPER PUNCH "CORNER ADORNER" AND CARD KITS ANYONE??? So Roxyfur asked me what a corner adorner was???? So I demonstrate. I also want to see if there are any peeps interested in a Meet the Girls card kit.
  • Mughals and Ottomans - The Mighty Mughal Empire - Babür İmparatorluğu - Moğul ve Osmanlı Selam Eleykum! Mughals = Ottomans = Turks!!! Mughal is a Corrupted word for Mongols. The Ppl of Mongolia are called as Mongols. Since Genghiz Khan started his conquest from Mongolia, the descandants were called as Mongols. They were all PURE TURK BLOOD!!!! Babur was the descandant of Chengiz Khan, whose grandsons embraced Islam. Thus the last stock of non-muslim Turks also became muslims. History of the Caliphate in the Indian Subcontinent : Hind-istan = Land of Hindi people "-istan" is the suffix in Turish which means " Land of" Clearly the name of current Hindustan (Litrelly means land of hindus) is misnomer as it makes no sense as here are 30% muslims present. Its a land of muslims as well. ***************** Quotes on Islamic History of Al-Hind : Aurangzeb : Throughout its existence the Delhi Sultanate (1205-1526), remained a legal part of the worldwide Muslim empire functioning under the de jure suzerainty of the Abbasid caliphs. Sultans considered themselves the deputies of the caliph and derived their validity of their administrative and legal authority only on the basis of delegation. Since the supreme authority of the community legally remained with the caliph, every king and potentate claimed to exercise governmental power for, and on behalf of the Imam of Islam. ---[Shashi S. Sharma, Caliphs and Sultans Religious ideology and political praxis, pg. 247] Muhammad Shah Bahamani III (1463-82), paid tributes to the ...
  • CHA Winter 2010 Large Journaling Punches.MOV Joy Macdonell walks you through all of our new slim line punches being released in March 2010. This video shows our new large journaling punches. Be sure to check out our other videos showing our new mini, medium, large basic shapes, edger, chain and corner punches.
  • IT'S YOLIEBEAN.....LIVE AND UNSCRIPTED! OK NOT REALLY LIVE, LIVE Here I am....Just saying thanks to all of you!