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  • Abaxial - Anonimato (Samsara) Abaxial Samsara (1994) Anonimato Just a wild curtailed part of a dying doctrine rushes misanthropes that sell their hate terror to impose their claims No desperates... no hungry men Great powers made... green puppets Left murderer hand... right murderer hand Joined stranglign us... I know it One who kills his fellows He doesn't fight for them Seed of hate germinates without trouble bringing the disgrace to me... quickly Flap of death flying now the game is over terror among the crew... hidden eyes that look its own truth blindness for the rest peace made for warmongers this is warlike peace Weapons for the warlike peace of a bussiness to enrich for the poor and the oppressed as their weapons are killing them to execute... to prosecute with eyes of blood... erroneous injustice burns... inside your veins but yourself breed... injustice Hey you, mother ***er can you see the damage that I see? Fill your eyes... of red all this innocent people that won't come back home again violence... ***
  • Beyond time (Apocalyptica cover) Abaxial Guitar cover Apocalyptica - Beyond Time
  • Viola after abaxial blockH264
  • Abaxial Far Cry 2 Map made by Siliconghost for Abaxial1 on the PlayStation 3, for winning KARR's KILLER MAP QUEST #2. Contact Karr2966 on the PSN for more information.
  • James Mickle - Botany 2010 Foliar Micromorphology in Ceratozamia Brongniart (Zamiaceae). Co-authors: Maria Rosaria Barone Lumaga and Boglárka Erdei The genus Ceratozamia (Cyadopsida; Cycadales; Zamiaceae) consists of 12 -- 18 species divided into two groups based on gross leaf morphology. Leaf micromorphology has been previously studied in four species. Whole leaf and isolated cuticle specimens from nine Ceratozamia species (five not previously studied at the micromorphological level) were examined using SEM for features of inner and external surfaces and three-dimensional structure of the stomatal complex, characteristics useful in taxonomic determination. Samples were collected from the middle region of leaflets that were from the middle region of mature leaves of greenhouse-grown plants of C. euryphyllidia, C. hildae, C. kuesteriana, C. latifolia, C. matudae, C. mexicana, C. miqueliana, C. norstogii and C. robusta, which includes species of both groups. For external surfaces, samples were air dried or fixed in FAA (10:5:50) and critical-point dried. For the inner cuticle surface, isolated cuticles were prepared using 20% Cr2O3. Characteristics in common to these species include hypostomy, occasional presence of hair scars, adaxial epidermal cells longitudinally elongated and arranged in rows, and smooth adaxial exterior cuticle. Stomata usually little sunken with the exception of sunken stomata in C. miqueliana. The stomatal complex is of the diperigenous to teraperiginous type. Stomatal ...
  • English Words: leucomas, leukoma, leukomas, bifocals, yoke, yokes, sheeting, sheetings, mohair, Music By Aalborg Soundtracks, from Audioswap -- see from the album Aalborg Soundtracks Vol. 5, on iTunes definitions of the words: leucomas, leukoma, leukomas, bifocals, yoke, yokes, sheeting, sheetings, mohair, mohairs, brazen, brazens, sideburns, abaxial,...
  • Abaxial - Samsara (Samsara) Abaxial Samsara (1994) Samsara -Instrumental-
  • Abaxial - Blind Tuesday Early 90's electronic studio project from Chicago. Rare and only video.
  • Abhorrent - The Witch.wmv 7th track from their Rage album
  • Abaxial - Autorespeto (en vivo 1994 CM)
  • U.......S.......A Cheater in Game Battlefield Heroes. Player Name: Kolya()()()() Hero Name: U.......S.......A Cheater in Game Battlefield Heroes, Recorded 11-04-2010. Already Reported. 8)
  • 010 After abaxial block R hind
  • Fortune 500 Dec 29 2009 - after Abaxial Block