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  • CRAB1250 manoeuvring test Test of evolution of an new antipollution boat commissioned by the PAD Port Autonome de Dakar on the Iseo lake - Italy -. Great satisfaction of customers, but also abashment for the sure not Senegalese temperature -2°C. As you can see, the catamaran turn on place.
  • Out Of My Setting!.mp4 what sufferings is born in the name of love... come closer to me baby and lay your breast on my head and tell me there's nothing else to worry we dance and laugh on my bed we twist and turn and then fall I break my leg and have a pint of red ale outside the weather's forecast I feel a bit promiscuous the ground is shaking under our feet, baby it maybe just a thunder or is it ARMAGEDDON?! the end of the world are we dying just now? sometimes I get so anxious scared of being alone with you because you never told me that you want me by the way you did ask me "what's that boot on your headboard?" I made a smile and started to wet my lips because compared to others That Boot's Not Made For Walkin' it's there to save me from Post Orgasmic Chill abashment in your eyes now please leave my setting as soon as possible you can run away from here...
  • Former Hindu Sister embraced Islam And Now She Is Breaking Her Previous God Ganesha an imaginary dumb head idole who can't be able to move even can't pass a single step and bloody hindus worship cows,dung-rubbing,worshing snakes,monkeys,pigs,bulls,ten headed freaks, and many many more jesters.Shame on you indian hindus you are such an abashment for humanity come and help your stone god he is going to breake come on suckerzz.If this idole is God then why he can't protect himself from a lady??? tell me the truth? a God never be helpless like this stone........WAKE UP
  • confusion abashing, abashment, addling, agitation, befuddlement, befuddling, bemusement, bewilderment, blurring, chagrin, cluttering, commotion, confounding, demoralization, disarranging, discomfiting, discomfiture, disorientation, distraction, disturbing, dither, dumbfounding, embarrassing, embarrassment, embroiling, flap, fluster, lather, mixup mystification, obscuring, perplexing, perplexity, perturbation, pother, puzzlement, stew, stirring up, tangling, tumult, turbulence, turmoil, unsettling, upsetting
  • Hillary and Meagan Thinking of Hughena Yeah, we hate her.
  • Dancing fun fun fun!
  • Sami vs Gyp Round 2 Sami hits back with quite a close to home comment about the great O'Grady's legendary locks. How will Gypson take this abashment...?!
  • eventH0rizon's webcam recorded Video - June 25, 2009, 06:27 PM
  • 卡奇社-日光倾城(extremely beautiful sunlight) 日光倾城the name of this song is "extremely beautiful sunlight".But its original meaning of the Chinese characters is not so simple.The manderin pinyin of a chinese phrase is"qing cheng qing guo".Translating into English word by word that is "upset city ,upset states".it means "so beautiful as to overrun cities and ruin states".In the ancient time many empires' downfall was usually caused by the reason that the emperor loved his wifes very much as to disregard his national affairs.So as a sequel of it we say that first smile of an extremely beautiful woman can cause the downfall of the city,second smile of her causes the downfall of the states. This phrase is usually used to describe a woman of great beauty. And we also have some other interesting phrases to describe the great beauty. for example "sink the fish ,fall the wild goose" or " shame the flower,hide the moon(for its abashment)". LoL... this is just a prattle.
  • OMG Hanna's a dancer RHYTHM IS A DANCER.
  • MMLH Meagan melissa larissa haley
  • Happy End - 1967 Happy End is a Czech comedy film directed by Oldřich Lipský. It was released in 1967. Theodor Pištěk designed the costumes for the film.