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  • Tejas Bullfights 2007 001 jpg
  • 1970s bullfights 11 jpg
  • 1970s bullfights 16 jpg
  • 1970s bullfights 14 jpg
  • 1970s Bullfights in Zaragoza Spain
  • 1970s bullfights 28 jpg
  • 1970s bullfights 15 jpg
  • 1970s bullfights 27 jpg
  • 1970s bullfights 18 jpg
  • 1970s bullfights 21 jpg
  • 1970s bullfights 24 jpg
  • Bullfights 1 jpg
  • Bullfights 2 jpg
  • 1970s Bullfights in Zaragoza Spain
  • Joe in Spain Bullfights 3 JPG
  • 1970s bullfights 17 jpg
  • 1970s bullfights 10 jpg
  • Joes bullfights Spain 2 JPG
  • 1970s bullfights 06 jpg
  • 1970s bullfights 30 jpg
  • Joe in Spain Bullfights 1 JPG
  • Bullfights 5 jpg
  • 1970s bullfights 13 jpg
  • 1970s bullfights 19 jpg
  • 1970s bullfights 04 jpg
  • Bullfights 10 jpg
  • 1970s bullfights 05 jpg
  • 1970s bullfights 25 jpg
  • Joe in Spain Bullfights 4 JPG
  • 1970s bullfights 08 jpg
  • Joe in Spain Bullfights 2 JPG
  • 1970s bullfights 09 jpg
  • 1970s bullfights 20 jpg
  • 1970s bullfights 12 jpg
  • 1970s bullfights 23 jpg
  • 1970s bullfights 07 jpg
  • 1970s bullfights 22 jpg
  • Bullfights 7 jpg
  • 1970s bullfights 03 jpg
  • Joes bullfights Spain jpg


  • Bullfight in Kakamega Bullfights are very common and popular in Kakamega District and all over Western Kenya. The duration of such fights vary from many hours to just a few seconds. This one I recorded was over just some seconds after the two bulls met, that why I couldn´t take the whole thing. Enjoy traditional Western Kenyan Tradition. thopas
  • PLI Abolition - Bullfighting is banned in Catalonia Notification: In accordance with what the Members of the Parlament of Catalonia have agreed it will be a one year moratorium, meaning that it will be bullfighting in Catalonia until December 2011. After that the abolition of this cruel, ethically and morally reprehensible practice will be definitive. (The right wing party "Partido Popular" (PP) will make an appeal to the Constitutional Court) At last the Parlament of Catalonia decides about bullfighting. There have been a lot of arguments about the reason of the abolition of bullfighting. There's an argument profoundly dishonest, that the abolition of bullfighting will entail a new dispute in Spain. And the ones who would celebrate it the most would be the supporters of the deep and archaic Spain who would see confirmed their points about a Catalonia that only wants separation (something that doesn't belong to an animal rights debate). It is a dishonest speech because it wants to change the direction of the debate. What is really going here is a moral option, of respect for life, of horror in front a "sport" that implies joy and satisfaction of humans torturing animals. And this option is shared by Catalan citizens and non Catalan citizens (as it's proven by a similar Popular Legislative Initiative in the Parliament in Madrid), Spaniards and foreigners (with thousands and thousands of petitions from 120 different countries). If the problem is not of national identity (it is not, not when we talk about animal torture ...
  • Mojoe THE PIT BULL fights a mean ol box pit bull fights a BOX
  • STOP BULLFIGHT CRUELTY! - FRANCE "At the beginning of the third millennium, this is what some people still take pleasure in looking at. Torture and death offered as a spectacle. We can no longer accept this today. Join the fight for civilisation." In August 2007, This TV ad was banned by French TV,'to protect children from violent imagery'. Bizarrely, however children are admitted to bullfights to witness the torment and agonizing death of animals for entertainment. Read the full story:
  • The Part1 World Championship bullfights in Ada, Oklahoma Filmed the same night as the one-armed bandit John Payne Act and also the southern gospel band Gold City performed that night as well.
  • Bullfights in Azores, Portugal Bulls on a rope. People in the street. Cruelty or Entertainment?
  • NIT Trichy Bull Fights A heated Fight between two bulls locking horns with each other in the ground opposite Garnet-A and Agate
  • Terceira, The Azores - Bull Fights Terceira is well known for bullfight by the rope. This very special event is unique for Azores. The bull is let loose with a very long rope around its neck, usually at the main road in a small village. Before every bull is getting out of a wooden box, there will be launched a small rocket which provide a loud noise. This signal indicate, that there is a bull on the street, and the game is ready to begin. The bull is guided by several experienced men, keeping a grip at the roap. The whole idea is, that the local young men now try to get as close to the bull as they dear, teasing the bull going crazy. All this game is very amusing and dangerous, and in a way also an attempt from the boys to impress the local girls.
  • Bullfight Oct. 14th, 2006. Portugese Bullfight in Thornton. At the end of the bull's fight. These guys are nuts. ***For all of you people who love jumping to conclusions to criticize others, please understand that this is a non-lethal bullfight. There is a velcro pad on the bull's back and the spears are velcro-tipped. The bull doesn't not bleed a drop and has a 100% chance of living a full life.*** Please see comments for more information/discussions/clarity of my personal feelings of this bullfight and bullfights in general.
  • bullfighting Clips of Freestyle bullfighting that is going to be on that is currently under construction.
  • Matador Julio Aparicio Gored Through Chin During Madrid Bullfight Matador Julio Aparicio Gored Through Chin During Madrid Bullfight A matador cheated death by millimetres when the beast he was tormenting rammed its horn straight through his chin and out through his mouth. It only took a split second for Julio Aparicio to became the bull's bloody victim at a Madrid bullring. The animal had already been pierced with several banderillas and was close to being killed when he seized his chance of revenge. Aparicio stumbled and the angry beast charged at him, prompting the crowd at the Las Ventas bullring to gasp in horror - expecting the bull to rip off the fighter's jaw or even his head. Remarkably, the beast stepped back and his horn slipped out of the matador's face as swiftly as it had entered. Aparicio fell to the ground in shock, with blood pouring from his gaping wound. Ringside medics rushed him to hospital where leading surgeon Dr Maximo Garcia Pedros performed two operations which saved his life. The bull was not so fortunate - he was quickly dispatched by fellow matadors. And, in despite the moment of madness they had witnessed, the stunned crowd settled down to watch two more bullfights as part of the city's San Isidro festival
  • Dickies National Championship Bullfighting (PBR) Dickies, the number one name in workwear, and the PBR team up to deliver the second annual Dickies National Championship Bullfighting competition. Fans will have the unique opportunity to witness the bullfights exclusively on the first weekend of Built Ford Tough World Finals action which takes place at Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nev., October 27-29.
  • Baby Bull Fight madness / "Toreando" en Cortijo La Movida Why watch the bull fights when you could just jump into the ring? DIY bull-fighting a la Mexicana with baby bulls in Naucalpan, north Mexico City - Hilarious. Our group was on before this one. A señora got trampled and one guy broke his wrist, but otherwise, great!
  • Dennis Borba Bullfighting School in California Overview of the Dennis Borba School of Bullfighting. A film by Honey Anne Haskin All Other Content Copyright 2007 Alma Torera Productions All Rights Reserved More information at:
  • Bull-fighting banned in part of Spain Catalonia ends barbaric practice
  • bull fight but the bull wins this is a video with two bull fights but the bull wins very funny!
  • AZORES 1.0 Suicides Bullfighting Portugal This video shows, what makes the portugese ringed bullfight much more different than other common ringed bullfights. hint: guy with green hat.
  • bull fight goes wrong a bull fight goes wrong and they still wont learn that bull fighting is bad
  • La Corrida de Toros, the bullfight! - Seville, Spain (history of la corrida de toros) A TripAdvisor™ TripWow video of a travel blog to Seville, Spain by TravelPod blogger Sueschubert. See this TripWow and more at La Corrida de Toros, the bullfight! "Animal lovers probably shouldn´t read this entry (or come to Southern Spain) Dear family and friends, Like other countries of the world, when one travels from North (in this case, Barcelona), to South (Sevilla) things change. Hotter weather, of course, which means the people are more laid back. It takes effort to move when it´s warm. And the culture? It comes in the form on flamenco and bullfights, tapas and sangría, gazpacho and more jamón ibérico (air-dried ham for which most of Spain is known), with some art and religion thrown in for good historical perspective. We were in Sevilla for 4 days and stayed in one of the neatest destinations yet, a building dating from the time of the Moors, renovated into very chic apartments. Glass and wood everywhere with exposed stone structures preserved from the original building. Beautiful, historical, comfortable and probably too sophisticated for us! Oh, and central. We could see via the map that the bullring was close, but it is quite disguised when not in use. Our apartment was directly behind it! A tour of the bullfight museum on Monday morning brought it all to life (or, in the case of the bulls, to death). Bullfighting is still very popular in Spain from Madrid south. When we cruised the crowd going to the bullfight one afternoon, we found ...
  • Ernest Hemingway and Bullfights in Spain Pamplona, Spain...A reading from Hemingway's works on these subjects, including "The Sun Also Rises"...then some John Dos Passos comments on Ernest in Spain. AE Hotchner is interviewed clips of Spain and bullfighting this segment excerpted from the PBS documentary series "American Masters", the episode titled "Ernest Hemingway: Rivers to the Sea" Link below to factsheet "Bullfighting: A Tradition of Tragedy"
  • Raekwon feat. Polite - Pit Bull Fights Album: The Lex Diamond Story Year: 2003 Track: 2 Track Produced By: Mizza Samples: None Lyrics: [story of Lex Diamond carried over from Intro] [Raekwon] Pit bull fights, niggaz is bustin the lights Undercovers gettin killed for drugs - yo Fiends is basin, runners is licensed to fight Young gangstas chase sneakers and snubs - and yo Elevator's broken, pissy stairwells and shells Old men gossip with tales, you know? Police burners with bodies on 'em, bury 'em Worry for minutes then we fire them (blaow!) I see firemen, ambulances, narcotic mansions So melodic, rock chronic, pop tonic scramblin See all these niggaz into gamblin - yo Just give me square feet, uniquely I'm handlin niggaz Done danced with niggaz, plus yo, threw niggaz in vans Left him on trains, his veins got ham in 'em Take a message, he ran, it was a quarter to four plan He had me on the floor with my man We both drugged out, scholars with grams Tri-colored rocks, follow the hands, full sorrow in plans Make one false move you blam Eh yo take the globe right out of ya land We broke out in Iran. [Chorus: Polite] Eh yo it's eight million stories in the city Niggas actin' shifty, Ice Water back on the grizzly Brand new handgun that hold about fifty It's a new boss in town like Mauseberg Mickey Eight million stories and six is from the hood A real live hustler up to no good They needed more yae-yo to ease they habit They said we fell off, the streets don't believe you faggots! [Raekwon] Where all the wolves live ...
  • Spectators flee as bull fights back At least 30 people have been injured at a bullring in northern Spain, after a bull charged into a crowd of spectators.
  • Running of the Bulls in Canada - indoors Running of the Bulls - Terceira style "Tourada a Corda" where the spectators are part of the action, if they're brave enough to step inside the arena. Why go to Pamplona? This is where the excitement is - right here in Canada! Recent indoor season of Ganadaria Sol & Toiros in Orangeville, Ontario, Canada.
  • Bloodless bullfights Bullfights vs rodeo for animal rights
  • bullfight in Tixpehual,Yucatan,Mexico Bullfighter Lupita Lopez in Tixpehual,Yucatan,Mexico December 31,2006 photographs by Jim Legault
  • Graphic video of Colombia bullfight rampage as 48 left injured (WARNING: GRAPHIC VIOLENCE) A week of amateur bullfights known as "Corralejas" left 48 people injured in Colombia. An average of 20 participants die each year in the "Corralejas," which have been held annually for more than 150 years in towns across Colombia's northern plains. The only certain survivors in the arena are the bulls themselves. The six-day event takes place every January in the state of Sucre and is described by locals as an explosive and sometimes lethal mixture of alcohol, music, violence and machismo. RT on Facebook: RT on Twitter:
  • Spanish bullfighting no longer aired - 15 Mar 08 After more than 50 years of being broadcast on state television, Spanish bullfighting has been taken off air. The move is seen as a triumph for those who label it a "bloodsport". But as Tessa Parry-Wingfield reports, bullfighting is showing no sign of decline.
  • Bloodless Bullfights Bloodless bullfights mark the end of the 85th annual Portuguese celebration in Tracy, California.
  • Man Gored to Death During Bull Fight Festival Graphic Content: A bull fighting festival in northern Colombia turned tragic after a man was gored to death. (Jan. 2)
  • Toros Las Vegas - Bloodless Bullfight at South Point A storied tradition south of the border and in many countries around the world, bloodless bullfighting, courtesy of Don Bull Productions, will return to the United States and Las Vegas at the South Point Hotel & Casino October 23 24, 2009 at 8pm. Representing the alternative bullfighting style at the South Point Arena, Don Bull Productions will present bloodless bullfights, offering spectators the opportunity to witness the best bullfighters or toreros around the globe performing their mastery in the entertainment capital of the world. Using specially designed adhesive Velcro pads instead of traditional banderillas, rejones and steel harpoons, competitors are able to preserve the existence of the toros while keeping the excitement and skill of traditional bullfighting alive.
  • Bullfights - Hits & Misses Some hi-lites of the "Hits & Misses" & the party afterwards from the portuguese-style Bullfights of Ganadaria Sol & Toiros where Gente TV was present. Includes footage from the annual "Picnic, Running of the Bulls & Music Festival" with Gente da Nossa at Madeira Park. Most recent runs were on August 1 & 2, 2009. Performers were Alem-Mar Band from London, Tony Borges from USA, Lucy and Bela from Brampton & Maria dos Anjos from Kingston. Lotsa fun, food, music, dancing & bulls.
  • Spain's Catalonia on verge of banning bullfighting Bullfighting in Spain could suffer its biggest setback to date on Wednesday when the local parliament in Catalonia votes on whether to ban the practice in the separatist-minded northeastern region. The assembly is scheduled to vote on the issue on Wednesday morning after animal rights activists campaigning under the platform "Prou!" or "Enough!" in the Catalan language, collected 180000 signatures in Catalonia on a petition calling for the motion to be debated and voted on by the assembly. The most recent indications are that a majority of the 135 lawmakers in the regional assembly are in favour of the motion to tighten Catalonia's animal protection law to remove an exception for bullfights from a ban on the killing or mistreating animals in shows. If approved Catalonia, home to Barcelona, Spain's second-largest city, would become the first region in the country outside of the Canary Islands to ban the practice and it could inspire other regions to follow its example. Bullfighting was made illegal in the Canary Islands in 1991.
  • Bullfight - Mazatlan, Mexico (mazatlan bullfights, bullfighting, bullfighting mazatlan) A TripAdvisor™ TripWow video of a travel blog to Mazatlan, Mexico by TravelPod blogger Mikeandger. See this TripWow and more at Bullfight " We woke up still in Carnaval spirit and decided to head over to Playa Mazatlan Inn where they were having the Children's Ball. There was no real signage at the hotel leading us to the Ball, so we elected to follow some parents with kids up a staircase. We are really not sure if tickets were needed as we walked in with the family in front of us and were not questioned by anyone. We found a great viewing spot on the upper balcony and marvelled at the dance skills possessed by the children warming up for their competition. Some of the moves were a bit suggestive, however that is ingrained in the dance styles of Mexico. It was just very odd to see young children dance in this fashion. We soon realized that every little performer was simply partaking in childish fun and we let our preconceived notions of acceptable behaviour fly out the window. We stood on the balcony for about 15 or 20 minutes before the family at the table in front of us shifted some seating and made room for us. It was a very nice gesture seeing how most of, if not all of, the seating was reserved for family and friends of the performers. William, the young boy sitting next to Geraldine took an immediate shine to her as soon as we sat down. He was hammering her with questions about where we were from, how we got here, what we were doing in ...
  • Korean bullfights bullfights in Cheongdo, South Korea
  • Bull Fights Back A bull escapes the ring and jumps into the crowd at a recent bullfighting event in Spain. Bull 1 Crowd 0.
  • .:| Art of Bloodless Bullfights & Bullfighting Horses |:. This is our video intro on our site that gives a sneak peek of some of the videos we currently have. It's only 1 minute and 9secs long, but around 3mb. We specialize in the Art of Bloodless Bullfights and Bullfighting Horses -- Portuguese Style. We feature videos and images of Cavaleiros, Matadors, Ganadarias, Forcados, and more. Please visit our site for more information, videos, and images.
  • Raw Video: Amateurs Hurt in Colombian Bullfight Three people wound up in the hospital after jumping into the ring during an amateur bullfight in Colombia. These bullfights are popular in Colombia and allow just about anyone to participate. (Feb. 23)
  • Pit Bull Fight Is it worth it when you use a dogs life just for money? No Dog DISERVES to fight because they are forced to, after all the pitbull was a symbol to the US Forward this comment if you agree with the fact i made, post it on all videos you can!! i aint the acual author but i just want support the cause